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Wholesale RC Helicopters is one of the largest remote controlled hobby products and toys importers in the USA. Our philosophy comes off with our motto “We put the fun in the Box”. We have pledged ourselves to serve you with our best quality and up-to-date RC products. Our inventory contains the best quality battery operated RC helicopters, planes, cars and boats as well as battery operated toys. All of our RC products are approved by FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), and proved as phthalates free in compliance with Consumer Protection limits and following all the rules and regulations for the Toy’s industry in the USA.

Your feedback is important as we value your ideas. We aspire three things very seriously. First one is to determine the most reliable and best quality RC products with regard to your feedbacks and other one is to launch latest techonolgy.  The last one is to give customer service. You are not alone after you buy an RC product. We do carry spare parts for you and our technical support team is more than appreciated to answer your questions. Our duty is to find the best solutions for you. These components of our strategy brought us today’s success.

Our RC helicopters are gyroscope equipped and that makes your flight much easier and more amusing than it used to be. Once you handle remote controller, you are 100% in control of your aircraft. We have different categories on this website to guide you.

We highly appreciate your business.

Wholesale RC Helicopters Team

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