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RC Helicopter Specifications

We would like to inform you about some specifications of our products.
Our helicopters basically can be categorized regarding to the channels. We have 2,3 and 4 channel helicopters on our inventory. Their flight capabilities;
2 channel: Up-down, right-left(turns)
3 channel: Up-down, right-left(turns),forward-backward
4 channel: Up-down, right-left(turns),forward-backward, sideways(right-left)
Another way to categorize these products is to consider their remote controller style. We have have two different type remote controlled helicopters which are IR(Infrared) and Radio controlled. IR controlled helicopters are mostly indoor ones. The flight range you get with IR helicopters is about 25-50 feet. Radio controlled helicopters have about 120-250 feet flight range which gives you enough range to fly them outside.
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